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I Am Woman. I Am Aramide Pearce.

I met Aramide accidentally, waiting the girls loos, after a poetry society meeting, where she read her beautiful poem "Kind of Love", and was followed by her friend Chloe, who recited "Maya Angelou". Being, at the time, wrapped in organising "Reclaim The Night", I mentioned feminism and so found that I had met two absolutely amazing women.

Aramide is a charming Creative Writing, Media and Communications student at BathSpa University, originally from Lagos, Nigeria. She blogs about fab fashion and yummy meals, and writes poetry on the side. She also cooks with Bath FoodCycle, (another accidental love we share) and ran a half marathon not a month ago (a love we don't share).

Her poetry is incredibly touching because it is real, it comes straight from the heart and guts of a girl who knows who she is and loves herself for it. It's brave because it's the unapologetic pride of a woman and of a Nigerian and it makes us remember our selves and our values.

She performed the following poems at the International Women's Day miniFest me and Bath SU put together and brought an incredible feeling and spirit to the event. The world does need to see them and here they are.


I am African

The curve of my hips

The size of my lips

My thighs

My voice

The way I look

All African

That’s me

Thick thighs

Big eyes

Full lips

Dimples in my cheek

Tough hair

That’s me

All African


I am friendship

I am acceptance

I am unity

I am strength

I am equality

I am love

I am happiness

I am peace

I am confidence

I am independence

I am growth

I am woman


I am the sun shining on a beautiful day

I am the wind blowing in harmartan

I am the little droplets of rain in the raining season

I am your favourite meal

Jollof rice and plantain

I am the happy faces of the people selling things on the


 I am the dusty dusty road filled with traffic

I am the Lekki Bridge

I am Yoruba

I am Hausa

I am Igbo

I am Lagos

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

There’s nothing you can’t do

Now you’re in Lagos

I am Africa magic making you laugh since forever

I am the people

I am the culture

I am Lagos


Stereotype this. Stereotype that

She’s thin. She’s fat.

She’s fine. She’s ugly.

She’s smart. She’s dumb.

She’s popular. She’s unpopular.

She’s a cheerleader. She’s in the science club.

All the boys like her. All the boys don’t.

The second girl has no reason to come to school,

Everyday she comes to school she is put down.

People calling her names,

They all just want fame.

Behind her fake smile you can see her tears;

She’s a teen growing faster than her years.

All she wants is for these kids to stop calling her names.

She has cried enough tears and felt enough pain;

They are all making her go insane.

She will always remember this time of her life,


The first girl,

All the girls want to be just like her

But this isn’t because of who she is,

This is because of what she looks like.

She isn’t the nicest of people

But people flock to her because of her beauty.

This is truly a fake identity;

She wants to be liked

So she plays fake.

The second girl has no time for games,

She is as real as real can get

These are her words keep on stereotyping this and stereotyping that.


Woman and beautiful that’s me

The colour of my skin beautiful

You see


That’s me

Goodness that’s also me

Woman and proud

Women’s lives matter

As a matter of fact

And that’s the fact of the matter


I want that real love

that make you smile all day kinda love

the one that makes you complete kinda love

the one that makes you happy kinda love

that peaceful kinda love

when he kisses you! you feel butterflies kinda love

when he touches you! you feel sexy kinda love

that even when it is silent you still have a conversation kinda love

the he looks at you like you are the only girl in the world kinda love

the you are his queen kinda love

the dry away your tears kinda love

the breakfast in bed sometimes kinda love

the cook for you sometimes kinda love

the take you on dates

maybe its fate kinda love

show you to the world

kiss you in public

kinda love

sing to you even though he cant sing kinda love

and tell you he love you kinda love

that intellectual kinda love

that kinda love

Aramide Pearce

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